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Welcome to VeKind!

Being VeKind is the way Terrans (mankind or human beings of the Earth) can save the Earth for all Sentient Beings.

Why we say Terran

People have asked why we say Terran instead of Earthling?

Historically the term “earthling” referred to a mortal inhabitant of the Earth. This definition would obviously include all Sentient Beings on Earth.  This definition is the view promoted in the 2005 documentary, “Earthlings.

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Earthlings – Deleted Scenes (Mature Audiences ONLY)

Earthling, the derivation from the noun earth by means of the suffix -ling is already seen in Old English eyrþling, in the meaning “ploughman”. The sense of “inhabitant of the earth” is first attested in 1593. Its use in science fiction dates to 1949, in Red Planet by Robert A. Heinlein.

Terran is a demonym derived from “terra”, the Latin term for Earth, and the suffix -an, as in human.  Particularly, the word Terran is used to describe the people (human beings) of Terra (the Earth).

Our Usage

On this website we will use:

Earthling to mean a Sentient Being from, or living on, the Earth (where all known Sentient Beings live).

Terran to mean a Human Being (a species of Sentient Beings) from, or living on, the Earth.

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  1. Hi, this is a really great explanation!

    So if I got this right, I am Terran because I am a Human Being who was born and lives on the Earth.

    Being Terran also means I am an Earthling and a Sentient Being.

    My best friend, Brownie, who adopted me by coming to my home one day, while I was out, and staying (more like “refusing to leave!”), and who happens to be a dog, is both an Earthling and a Sentient Being, like me! However, Brownie is not a Terran because he is not human.

    On the other hand… The mango tree in the yard, that often feeds me and shades my home, is neither a Terran, nor an Earthling, nor a Sentient Being. Even though the mango tree is alive, and I care for it very much. The mango tree is not Sentient, has no central nervous system, and has no brain. The mango tree feels no pain, like all vegetation.

    Likewise, the three-wheeled “car” (sometimes referred to as a truck, tricycle or motorcycle), that our four year old, sometimes, affectionately calls “Herbie”, is also not a Terran, nor an Earthling, nor a Sentient Being. “Herbie” is not alive.

    Thanks for Explaining this so well!

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