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VeKind is:

Being VeKind is a moral philosophy about being kind and healthy…
leading to an ethical lifestyle of being healthy and kind!

Being VeKind is not a religion, nor an “ism.” “Vekindism” does not exist, and the term should never be used by anyone, it is always incorrect.
The proper term for people following the VeKind philosophy and lifestyle is “Being VeKind!
This emphasizes the fact that each VeKind is a Human “Being” (Terran) and a Sentient “Being!”
All religions are represented in Being VeKind, and often have their own religious writings consistent with Being VeKind.
Those who choose to believe there is no god but chance, also have a home in Being VeKind and saving the Earth.

VeKind Includes:

1) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy toward those persons we encounter within our own “Circle of Life” (both human and non-human persons). These include persons in our home, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, market sellers, and equally important, oneself!

2) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy toward the “Circle of the Earth” which sustains us, and sustains all known sentient beings. We need to take care of the earth because the earth takes care of us.

3) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy (obviously Non-Violent) toward all other sentient beings.

“Do to sentient beings,
what I want to be done to me!”

The following are inclusive of the philosophy and lifestyle a VeKind has. They are not a priority list but are aspects of a whole life, lifestyle, and philosophy about health and being kind.

Being VeKind is about saving the Earth,
and saving the Sentient Beings who live here.

To Illustrate Being VeKind

To illustrate this, consider these non-exhaustive examples:

  • A VeKind has the trademarks of seeking health, and being kind, in all acts they do.
  • A VeKind is a moral personal activist, sharing their VeKind Philosophy through their personal actions, lifestyle, and decisions.
  • A VeKind in Transition (TransVeKind) agrees in principle with the VeKind Philosophy and is Transitioning to a fully VeKind Lifestyle.
  • A VeKind seeks a truly healthful lifestyle for themselves, the earth, and other sentient beings, of any type or origin.
  • A VeKind lifestyle includes a healthy human species-specific Plant-Only Plan for eating that is mostly whole-food, is nutritionally and calorically sufficient. For optimal health, a Plant-Only Plan (POP) is lower in both fat and protein than the SAD or S.O.S. Diet consumed by Carnarians.
  • A VeKind is non-violent, in any form, even on points of disagreement. One cannot be truly kind and have violence together in one’s life.
  • A VeKind accepts all sentient beings as “persons” with the right to not be a resource (property) of any other sentient being.  This includes the right to not be bought, nor sold, nor owned as property, nor to be used as a resource.
  • A VeKind rejects all forms of exploitation and slavery-based solely on sentience alone.
  • A VeKind accepts the VeKind Golden Rule for Sentient Beings.  These are short “treat me as I treat you” concepts for Humans that are found in many philosophies and religions.
  • “Do to sentient beings what I want to be done to me!” (VeKind Golden Rule!)
  • “Treat me as I treat Sentient Beings!” (Restated VeKind Golden Rule!)

Philosophy and Lifestyle

Merriam-Webster Simple Definition of Philosophy:
: the study of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.
: a particular set of ideas about knowledge, truth, the nature and meaning of life, etc.
: a set of ideas about how to do something or how to live

  • Being VeKind as a Philosophy requires study to gain knowledge in how to live by being kind and healthy in our lives.
  • To Be VeKind requires both thought and communication, to both learn and share what it means to be VeKind.
  • Being VeKind as a Lifestyle requires taking steps and actions that will demonstrate you are VeKind.

Be VeKind – Seek Peace!
Save the Earth by Being VeKind!
VeKind with a Grateful Heart!

Being VeKind is good for your health, good for those around you that you care about, good for the environment and the earth, and kind to every person!

Being VeKind will likely be the
most important decision of your life!

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