Pop VeKind is one of the architects (along with Marie VeKind and Zoe VeKind) of the VeKind Revolution! A true revolutionary at heart, Pop’s vision was always to find ways to improve life. Now he is trying to save the Earth, and bring health to the Sentient Beings that live here.

Born with a genius I.Q., Pop VeKind coined such words and phrases as VeKind, TransVeKind, Replacetarian, Plant-Only, Sentient Rights, Fyuel, and developed the Truth And Inspiration Therapy (T.A.I.T),

Pop has been writing computer code for more than 50 years! (Not many can say that!) On top of this Pop has been doing independent research on a verity of subjects, for more than four decades. For more than a decade Pop has been researching on single question … “What does a person need to do to be healthy?”

For greater than 30 years Pop Vekind has been in the Philippines doing humanitarian work among the poor and truely needy people, the poorest of the poor.

Pop VeKind, in the most real sense of the word, greatly loves Sentient Beings (both Sentient Human Animals, and Sentient non-Human Animals).

In the same way Pop VeKind is a “Practical Enviromentilest”. He is educating people on practical steps the individual can take to help save the Earth from total destruction, and help save the only home that all known Sentient Beings (including you) share.

Pop is here working to help you be a success! VeKind, with a greatful heart!