About VeKind – A Vegan Reality

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About VeKind – A Future Vegan Reality

Ask me about VeKind or about VeKind.org and my first reaction is about Being VeKind.

“Being VeKind goes way beyond Veganism or compassion.”

When I talk about Being VeKind I must keep in mind how VeKind is defined – the VeKind Basics!

Being VeKind is what we can personally do to save our world
and save the future of Sentient Beings from human destruction.

Being VeKind sprang forth without any knowledge of Donald Watson or Veganism as a whole.  Nevertheless, Being VeKind is a return to the basic beliefs Donald Watson had put forth.  It is especially relevant that Donald Watson was the First Vegan (and the true father of all modern animal rights movements!). Any discussion about Being VeKind is as much about Donald Watson as it is abput…

Being VeKind in the 23rd Century and beyond!

Donald Watson

Donald Watson (2 September 1910 – 16 November 2005) was a committed pacifist throughout his life,  Moreover, Watson believed in Non-Violence (true peace) and registered as a conscientious objector in World War II.  Watson was apprenticed to a family joinery firm, and from the age of twenty became a joinery teacher.  He taught in Leicester, where he also played a large part in the Leicester Vegetarian Society.

The life of a VeKind is a Non-Violent life.

Growing Up

As Watson grew up, he did not smoke, consume alcohol, or make contact with foods or substances which he regarded as toxins. In the 1940s, after learning about milk production, he became a “Non-Dairy Vegetarian.”  vegan.[1] He explained his motivation as ethical concern for sentient animals:

“We can see quite plainly that our present civilisation is built on the exploitation of animals,
just as past civilisations were built on the exploitation of slaves,
and we believe the spiritual destiny of man is such that in time
he will view with abhorrence the idea that men once fed on the products of animals’ bodies.”

A VeKind finds abhorrent the idea of the bodies of Sentient Beings being either property or a resource for humans.

Vegan Society of the UK

Critics claimed that Watson could not survive on his proposed diet (people make the same claim/error today.  Watson lived a long and healthy life to 95 years old, and died peacefully in his sleep).  In November 1944 in Leicester, he and his future wife, Dorothy, plus four friends, founded the Vegan Society.  Someone in the group would have to come up with a word to describe their diet and their way of life. Watson suggested ‘vegan’—”the beginning and end of ‘vegetarian'”—”because veganism starts with vegetarianism and carries it through to its logical conclusion.”  Watson and the group launched the first edition of the Society’s quarterly newsletter, The Vegan News, in the same year.

A veKind knows (not believes) the fact that a Plant-Only Plan for eating is the healthiest in the world.

Uncle George’s Farm

As a child, Watson spent time on his Uncle George’s farm. The slaughtering of a pig on the farm horrified Watson; he said his view of farm life changed from idyllic to a Death Row for animals. Watson began to reassess his practice of eating meat. He became a vegetarian in 1924 at the age of fourteen, making a New Year’s resolution to never again eat meat. Watson expanded his philosophy to object to any harm to living sentient creatures.

The VeKind philosophy objects to harming sentient beings or harming the home (Earth)  we share.

Vegan Defined

Watson defined Vegan as a person who ate a “non-dairy vegetarian diet.”  If you ate a Vegan Diet, then you were a Vegan!  His writings in the Vegan News indicated Watson was also against eating eggs.  Watson, his future wife, and four other members of the Vegetarian Society then founding the Vegan Society of the UK.  Two years later, Watson and his new bride were photographed at their wedding, wearing new leather shoes and belt consistent with their belief that Veganism was simply a diet for individuals to help animals and attain better health.

Being VeKind is a moral philosophy about being kind and healthy,
leading to an ethical lifestyle of being healthy and kind!

Animal Liberation vs Animal Rights

It was World War Two, the fight against Hitler’s oppression was in full swing.  The thoughts of towns and people being liberated by the alied forces was on everyone’s’ mind.  Animal Liberation, by force or violance, if necessary, had planted itself into the minds of some of the new Vegans.  Animal Rights and the non-violent Animal Abolition (the freedom from animal slavery and exploitation), had always been a part of Watson’s beliefs, but veganism had grown beyond Watson and the original founders.  Under the guise of Animal Rights, this faction took control of the Vegan Society and forced out the founders, including Watson.

VeKinds accept that humans have no right to own or use as a resource any Sentient Being.
VeKinds are Non-Violent and accept peaceful Truth-Force (education) as our method to effecting change.

Vegan Re-Defined

Under the new leadership, Vegan, or Veganism was redefined for the members of the Vegan Society of the UK.  In fact there are at least 15 ways Vegan is defined by the Vegan Society of the UK.  Watson defined Vegan and Veganism without either Animal Liberation or Animal Rights.  To Watson Vegan and Veganism was about diet.

“VeKind” is defined and copyrighted on the website VeKind.org
The authority to define VeKind is held by the (International) VeKind Society,
and requires a three-fourths majority to change.

A “Donald Watson Vegan”

A Vegan is a “Non-Dairy Vegetarian.”
— Donald Watson, Vegan News 1944 —

“Veganism is the practice of living upon fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and other wholesome non-animal foods.”
— Donald Watson, Vegan News 1945 —

Take note that wholesome has the meaning “conducive to or suggestive of good health and physical well-being.”

VeKinds follow a Plant-Only Plan for eating.  Plant-Only could informally be defined as the healthy “practice of living upon fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains and other wholesome non-animal foods.”

Vegan Today

The Vegan Society Today is a website devoted to the history of Veganism and the history of the Vegan Society of the UK.  Near the bottom of their opening page are the seven ways that Vegan is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary.  All Seven are diet related using words like eat and food.  None contain the word “honey”.  On another Vegan Society Today page about Honey, is listed 14 ways the Vegan Society of the UK has defined the word Vegan. There are 15 if you include the first issue of The Vegan “Non-Dairy Vegetarian”  More than half do not exclude honey as being Vegan.

Vegan Worldwide

Remember that Vegan was coined in the Vegetarian Society of the UK and at the time there was no Vegan Society (only the diet).  Vegan is not owned or defined officially by the Vegan Society of the UK, nor any other Vegan group.  Within a month of the first Vegan news, there were Vegans in dozens of countries.  None of which were under the Vegan Society of the UK (which did not yet exist at that time).  Therefore, Vegan can be used any way a person chooses.

Search Google for “paleo vegan” and you will get 11 Million references for people who believe they are vegan and still eat meat.  There is no real official worldwide meaning of Vegan.  Vegan Organizations, Vegan Clubs, Vegan Societies and Vegan Groups all over the world exist and each one decides for itself what Vegan means. For example, the American Vegan Society says Vegans follow the beliefs of ahimsa (a belief in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions).  To quote from their website:

Vegan is the pillars of ahimsa integrated into your daily life.”

The dozens, or perhaps hundres of ways to define Vegan (from terrorist to arrsonist to members of the Buddhist or Hindu religions) accounts for the disagreement and infighting Vegans usually display while defending their way to define Vegan.

Worldwide, VeKind is only defined at VeKinf.org
Any conflict with VeKind.org is automatically a copyright violation.

Veganism on Youtube

On Youtube, there are Vegans who say Vegan is ONLY a diet.  Youtube has Vegans who say eating no animal products is not the same as being Vegan.  Here are a few other YouTube Vegans we found.

  • Weekend Vegans
  • Weekday Vegans
  • At Home Vegans
  • Meatless Monday Vegans
  • Environmental Vegans
  • Semi Vegans
  • Ovo Vegans
  • Ethical Omnivore Vegans (who eat meat)
  • Dietary Vegans
  • Paleo Vegans
  • Ethical Vegans
  • Unethical Vegans
  • Flexi Vegans
  • Welfarist Vegans
  • Vegans for the Animals
  • Economical Vegans
  • Vegans that eat Honey
  • Vegans that don\t eat Honey

There are literally dozens of ways to define “Vegan”.  PeTA murders thousands of healthy dogs and cats who want to live and says that is Vegan!  Did these healthy, living, sentient beings cease to be sentient?

There are only two types of VeKinds:
TransVeKind – Transistioning to VeKind – Accepts the VeKind Philosophy but not yet fully Plant-Only
NeKind – Living a moral and ethical life with a Plant-Only Plan for eating.

VeKind is Born

Adding yet another definition to the hundreds of ways to define Vegan has no value.  Calling ourselves Donald Watson Vegans wouln never be understood.  Trying to fight Vegan people into accepting Donald Watson’s definition seemed just as foolish.  We decided it was wiser to coin a new word, VeKind, which was owned and defined by the VeKind Society (of the World).

Being VeKind is a moral philosophy about being kind and healthy…
leading to an ethical lifestyle of being healthy and kind!

Being VeKind Includes

1) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy toward those persons we encounter within our own “Circle of Life” (both human and non-human persons). These include persons in our home, family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, market sellers, and equally important, oneself!

2) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy toward the “Circle of the Earth” which sustains us, and sustains all known sentient beings. We need to take care of the earth because the earth takes care of us.

3) Being VeKind includes… being Kind and Healthy (obviously Non-Violent) toward all other sentient beings. Being VeKind is being Non-

“Do to others (sentient beings) what you want them to do to you!”

The above are inclusive to the philosophy and lifestyle a VeKind has. They are not a priority list but are aspects of a whole life, and lifestyle, and philosophy, of health and being kind.

Being VeKind is about saving the Earth, and saving the Sentient Beings who live here.

NO Vekindism

Being VeKind is not a religion, nor an “ism.”

Vekindism does not exist, and the term should never be used by anyone.

Types of VeKinds

Unlike the dozens (or hundreds) of types of Vegans, there are only two types of VeKinds.

TransVekinds are people who are Transitioning to Being VeKind.

TransVeKinds agree with the VeKind Philosophy and are working toward (transitioning to) following a fully Plant-Only Plan for Eating.

Being VeKind in the 23rd Century

Being VeKind in the 23rd Century (coming).  Don’t wait till everyone else is VeKind, Be VeKind Today!

Be VeKind – Seek Peace!
Peace Begins On Your Plate!

About VeKind

VeKind.org is the official voice of the VeKind movement.

  • VeKind Whyforce
  • VeKind Healthforce
  • VeKind Kindforce
  • VeKind Peaceforce
  • VeKind Thankforce
  • VeKind Truthforce
  • VeKind Force
  • May the Force be with You!

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